Saturday, July 22, 2006

Database Tips – Read Product Reviews Online

Do you need the latest reviews on refrigerators or other products from the comforts of home or in the library? The General Reference Center database includes numerous consumer oriented magazines such as Consumer Reports, Real Simple, and others.
For further reading click the following link.
For further reading click the link below.

The Charleston County Public Library - Resources section of the website under Magazines, Newspapers and Journals lists several sources that provide product reviews. Within the list look for the General Reference Center name and then the links for In-Library or Home Access use. A Charleston County Public Library Card is required for home access. Select one of the links based on your location.

After logging into General Reference Center, the default is the subject search menu option, which should appear after logging in. Find the first text box labeled Subject Guide Search: and then insert word(s) of interest such as "refrigerators" in the text box.

You can click [Search] menu option or the [enter] key to search all sources in the database. There is also the option to just look in a handful of titles for reviews. To limit results look for the “by publication title:” and enter in: Consumer Reports or you can select from a limited list of periodicals with the link labeled "Browse Publication Titles". Once again, to execute the search press the [Enter] key on your keyboard or select the [Search] menu block icon for results.

A list of various articles in full text or citation form should appear when available.

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