Friday, January 26, 2007

When Less is More in Literary Criticism

Confounded with an overload of information in literary criticism on Mark Twain or you just want the major plot points to a work? There is that dilemma when just 3 to 5 paragraphs of criticism and information on a literary great is perfect and 10 pages is to much. There is that dilemma as well when 4 pages of plot summary is perfect in comparison to 15 in a printed literary criticism. The following article will look at two kinds of sources a literature encyclopedia and plot points. For more information click the read more link that follows.

Merriam Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature is available online in Literature Resource Center when selecting the menu box [Encyclopedia of Literature]. This work covers: "10,000 entries covering authors, works, terms, and topics - from all areas and all parts of the world" from cover of print work. This is a great source when you need authoritative information in condensed form.

MasterPlots is available online in Magil On Literature db which is another way to get the general gist of a work quickly. Case in point. Patron came in looking for a few pages to share with kids about the Marriage of Figaro before the play was preformed at the Gaillard the following day. The MasterPlots source for the play was perfect and the patron was highly pleased. MasterPlots can also serve the same function at times as Cliff Notes in covering the plot of a major work and giving the major points quickly.

Overall, these are just two sources within two great databases. You may find both helpful when you need just a little bit of information and not an exhaustive
amount of info will do.

Steven S.