Friday, January 26, 2007

Wilson Catalog: Great Sources Revealed

When your pressed with a dilemma: find 2 noteworthy or seminal titles out of the approximate 128 Ronald Reagan biographies in the system Wilson Catalogs is useful in gleaning out the best of the best. The Wilson Catalogs database provides authoritative in-depth reviews and the content is screened from the editors of HW Wilson for current day relevance that appears in major reviewing sources such as Booklist, Choice, Library Journal and many others.

Using Wilson Catalogs is beneficial in determining relevancy, finding popular titles of interest in specific subject areas (except for travel, technology, and current event titles). Overall, this is a wonderful tool that aids in collection development for weeding and selection of new titles for a collection.

Wilson Catalogs databaseis divided into the following audience areas: Children’s Catalog, Middle and Junior High School, Senior High School Catalog , Public Library Catalog; and Fiction Catalog genre areas. Each of these audience specific catalogs and the Fiction Catalog also has an archived version for titles that were published in the past.

There are a variety of useful Wilson Catalog database functions. It has a thesaurus for alternate search strategies; the ability to print, email, and save results; ability to export citations in RefWorks or EndNote format; and the ability to create alerts when search criteria are matched on a periodically predefined basis up to a year. More on this in the next paragraph.

The alert feature for titles is available in both Books In Print and Wilson Catalogs database. Books In Print database.for in library use will catch forthcoming and in print titles when new content is added to the database that matches the search criteria almost indefinitely. Wilson Catalog alerts may best be used for when solid reviews are available for a particular work on a intermittent search time lines such as daily, weekly, or monthly for one month up to one year that and search result are emailed in the alert form.