Monday, September 24, 2007

Comparing Countries - Encyclopaedia Britannica & SIRS Discoverer

Encyclopaedia Britannica now provides the ability to compare side-by-side 2 countries in baseline observation form such as population, land size, people, economy; government and society; and in expandable form cultural life, history and Britannica's best website content links. There are other navigation and select content features that have been added since the last posting on country and culture information. As for Sirs Discover, one additional item that was not mentioned in the previous blog post is that there is a SIRS Discoverer Culture Facts publication in online form. For example, the country of Angola gets converage in the make up of the people, daily life, language, food, dress, arts and music, religion; holidays traditions, & folklore; and along with fun facts. Bottom line, Encyclopaedia Britannica and SIRS Discoverer are great sources for country and cultural information and with the amount of questions asked about countries and culture figured it was worthy to revisit this topic.