Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nursing Resource Center

Behavior Management, Behavior Management: Overactivity/ Inattention and Behavior Management: Self-Harm may seem like excess wordy searches, but in the Nursing Intervention Classication (NIC) system these groupings may generate exactly what you or a patron is looking for in the new DISCUS Nursing Resource Center database coming soon.

There are three formal terminology or classification systems used in the Nursing Resource Center database. These three classification systems in which information is grouped by are the Nursing Diagnosis& Definintions (NADA-1), Nursing Intervention (NIC) and Nursing Outcomes (NOC) . If all these terms or classification systems seem intimidating, you still have the option to search by Gale Subject, Keyword, and Entire Document by text word although without the above term system you might miss something important.

Overall, this database is geared to nursing practicioners areas with periodicals and reference texts covering nursing. Note: when the new databases become available on website, I'll update the links.