Monday, April 21, 2008

April Events: Tuesday Board Games Nights and Collecting or Hoarding Outreach

It is not often I cover outreach events on the blog, but today I am going to. First, during the month of April we have been having a board games outreach on Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30 in Reference and Children's areas at the Main Library. As a result of the outreach, a photo was taken and we received an honorable mention in the NLW - Day in the Life of SC Libraries Photo Contest 2008 Flickr contest. Mr. John Elerbe has also allowed his private collection of board games to go on display in the Main Library. On April 14th, Madeleine Denitto of Stressed.Pressed.Messed and Ronnie Classen - Assistant Fire Chief of the City Charleston Fire Department presented a program entitled Collecting or Hoarding as other pictures were taken for the contest and it was a very informative outreach. It is not often I have two outreach events back to back, but it worked out well. Also, a special thanks goes to Michel Hammes who took the honorable mention photo.