Friday, March 20, 2009

Job Hunting Resource - Part 3 Picking a Specific Occupation

This is the third post in a series on Job Hunting and the South Carolina website. Previous posts on the topic are available in 1 and 2. This post covers the Occupation Sugesstion section of the website and the process of examing an indviduals interests, skills, abilities and values and then the survey tool suggests occupations based on those inclinations.

The assessment tool is divided into various segments
- from preference assessments in part 1 and by education level
- Previous skills from previous jobs
- Various self rated abilities you have.

The self assessment also involves ranking your own skill levels at such functions as public speaking, problem solving and numerous other areas. Each area, you self rate your skill level as being above average, average and below average. A list of occupations will come up that rank highly in your own interests, skills/abilities and values as illustrated above.

The second graphic is just a sample of a few of the occupations that generally my survey assessment matched me up with... All I feel are fairly accurate, I do have to chuckle that technical writing was listed. Technical Writing at times is a weakness of mine and I can't imagine myself doing that as a career. Blogging about database is helping to enhance that skill though...

Note: Graphics are available for viewing in an enlarged view by clicking on the image.