Friday, September 25, 2009

CharlestonRef is Branching Out on Twitter

CharlestonRef is branching out to twitter. The feed is intended to cover electronic research tools news and tidbits with info about outages, new features, and short announcements that don't need a paragraph or more of explanation. I'm going to place referrals on the twitter feed to the charlestonref blog when such depth is required. What you will NOT find on is what I ate for lunch or that some celebrity just made the cover of People magazine.

Also, I have done some housekeeping on this blog. No longer does the marquee say "Charleston Reference" it now says: "CharlestonRef" to match the URL. Some of the widgets, such as the MyPlugoo IM service, Flickr library image pools and others have been removed to reduce clutter. There will probably be a few more tweaks to the blog and feed in the coming weekdays as time allows…