Thursday, August 17, 2006

Events or Topics in the News? Try CQ

Congressional Quarterly, also known as CQ Press which publishes two excellent current events and topical resources that are timely, and in many cases in-depth overviews on various topics. One looks at a subject with great depth being CQ Researcher and CQ Weekly covers topics of interest briefly. More on both in
the following paragraphs.

CQ Researcher (home access available) 1991 to Current.
A Single topic such as agriculture to transportation is covered with great depth in each issue. There ususally is the full report or it can be broken down into section such as overviews, background, current situation, outlook, special focus chonology, pros and cons, bibliography, next step, contacts, and footnotes. The database is listed as part of the Law and Government Research Databases on theCharleston County Public Library Web Site and is available to those with a >Library Card.

NOTE: CQ Weekly was dropped in 2007 from databases available.

CQ Weekly (available at Main Library online) 1983 to Current
The resource Covers: weekly political news of note; legislation that is pending or approved; regional news; and columns and opinions of note. In this Issue content is available by current topics menu or latest votes. Finding Archived content is based on article or floor vote searches, ability to browse by issue date or topic, and there is a quick search section.

Bottom Line,
CQ Resources can be often overlooked, but are information rich without being overwhelming.