Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Digging Deeper in ...
Literature Resource Center(LRC) this database does not have the complete text of the Gale Literary Criticism Series. Most of the time, just enough of the database will do, but sometimes obscure or lessor known authors may get missed when not checking the Gale Literary Index. Sometimes, when it is a really obscure author of days gone by the Gale Literary Index may be your most significant lead to criticism not found online, but in print form. Or the case maybe when the electronic version is just not enough...

That said, lets look at Ludvig Holberg 1684-1754 (and compare
notes between the print and electronic versions).

There are 4 authored articles on Holberg, Ludvig in LRC - Lit Criticisms There are 12 authored articles on Holberg, Ludvig in Literary Criticisms from 1400 to 1800 Volume 6 pp 255-286. Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800 Volume 6.

LRC Online edition authored articles on Holberg
- 4 - Work Criticisms
Holberg, Lewis
Payne, William Morton
Gosse, Edmund
Campbell, Oscar James

Print edition authored articles on Holberg.
- 13 - Work Criticisms
Holberg, Lewis
August, Wilhelm Schlegel
Brandes, George
Payne, William Morton
Gosse, Edmund
Campbell, Oscar James
Skard, Sigmund
Nicoll, Allardyce
Times Literary Supplement
Mitchell, P.M.
Jansen, F.J Billeskov
Lundquist, Anne S
Parente, James A

There are 0 authored literary criticism grouped articles on Lynn Riggs in LRC - Lit Criticisms. There are 10 authored criticism articles in Twentieth Century Literary Criticisms Volume 50 (with a publication date of 1995)

Lynn Riggs 1899-1954
American Playright and Poet.

LRC online edition authored articles on Riggs
-0 - Work Criticisms

Twentieth Century Literary Criticisms Volume 50 (with a publication date of 1995)
authored articles on Riggs

- 10 - Work Criticisms
Vestal, Stanley
Zabel, Morton Dauwen
Gregory, Horace
Van Doren, Mark
Atkinson, Brooks J.,
Anderson, John
Lockbridge, Richard
Krutch, Joseph Wood
Erhard, Thomas
Braunlich, Phyllis Cole

Word counts would spell out the differences numerically in content, but I found that type face, font size, spacing, paper, margins, made all of it unfair comparison. Only counting words and reviewing content may adequately show the differences other than the number of criticism essays appearing in print form, but not online.

Bottom Line. Keep in mind the Literature Resource Center(LRC) database has the Literature Index which is a wonderful key to some great criticism articles that do not appear online and only in print form. Most of the time, Literature Resource Center(LRC) does a wonderful job at providing just enough criticism to fulfill the need. Literature Index is just another tool to find hidden and overlooked criticisms.