Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Health and Medicine - Database Resources

Are you interested in medical discoveries, the latest in vision correction surgery, or just want some tips on toenail problems to dealing with high blood pressure? Your public library has numerous medicine and health resources available online and at home with a Charleston County Public library card. Health and Wellness Resource Center and Hands on Health SC are two databases geared toward consumers while Gale Virtual Reference and Health and Wellness Research Center databases may have more in-depth information in select health areas.

Keep in mind that these databases are not a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional care.

To access these resources, a Charleston County Public Library Card is required for remote access of most of these databases with the exception of Hands On Health or a person needs to be at one of the many the public library branches located in Charleston County.

Instructions for Home Access
* Open up a separate browser window to access databases and instructions.
* Go to www.ccpl.org
* Click [Resources] option
* Click "Research Databases" link
* Click "Health and Medicine" link
* Select the database of interest based on your location

Health and Wellness Resource Center -
This is a consumer oriented resource on topics from athlete├é’s foot to whooping cough.. The database has medical encyclopedias like the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine ; 100's of magazines like Prevention, Men's Health, Nutrition Today and journals; pharmacy information, pamphlets, and other resources. There is also short to medium length video clips that cover various medical topics as well. Headphones or a sound card are required in addition software such as a recent version Real Player One or Microsoft Media Player. You can also use some health assessment resources in addition to herb and drug information.

Hands on Health -
Free and low cost health care providers in Charleston and over the state are listed in addition to general health care information. The resource also lists various services and sources of information that specialize in cancer, diabetes, heart resources, stroke, and AIDS. For further information, look at the previous post on Hands on Health

Health Reference Center Academic -
Our most comprehensive, scholarly, and informative database concerning health and medicine is Health and Reference Center Academic. Similar to Health and Wellness Resource Center, this resource contains more scholarly focused journals such as: American Journal of Law and Medicine, Clinical Diabetes, Diabetes, Human Biology, and other scholarly journals. The reference titles also include such works as: Physicians Desk Reference Family Guide to Prescription and Over the Counter Medicine titles, Clinical Reference Systems (series), and Care Notes are just a few of the resources in the database.

Gale Virtual Reference -
Specialized e-book encyclopedias on cancer, medicine, genetic disorders, alternative medicine, and nursing and allied health are contained in this database. It also contains e-books on other topics unrelated to health and medicine.

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