Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Health Videos on Demand - Health & Wellness Research Center

Health videos on demand are now available within the Health & Wellness Research Center database. After you have logged in to the database, see access instruction in next paragraph if not sure of how to log on remotely or in library, these videos are searchable from within the Healthology portion of the database.

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The Healthology section is found currently in lower right hand corner of the database screen after logging in to the resource. You may have to scroll down and over to the right to view the Healthology search and menu box options. Currently, the only way to retrieve these videos is by using the Healthology section of the website.

Keep in mind that these databases are not a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional care.

Instructions for Home Access
* Open up a separate browser window to access databases and instructions at the same time.
* Go to www.ccpl.org
* Click [Resources] option
* Click "Research Databases" link
* Click "Health and Medicine" link
* Select the Health & Wellness Research Center link based on your location

To access Health & Wellness Research Center, a Charleston County Public Library Card is required for remote access of most of these databases with the exception of Hands On Health or a person can access this and other resources at one of the many the public library branches located in Charleston County.

Searching For Content
A person can use keyword terms on the subject of interest in the Healthology section or can scroll through the list of subjects covered to retrieve a list of various video clips. The webcasts are not integrated into the main search box at this time. Results from a search conducted in the Healthology section when available provide related subjects, text articles, transcripts of webcasts, and the actual webcasts.

Additional Content in Health & Wellness Research Center
This is a consumer oriented resource on topics from athlete's foot to whooping cough... The database has medical encyclopedias like the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine ; 100's of magazines like Prevention, Men's Health, Nutrition Today and journals; pharmacy information, pamphlets, and other resources. You can also use some health assessment resources in addition to herb and or drug information.