Wednesday, October 18, 2006

P4A - Auction Values for Antiques

Prices 4 Antiques (P4A) Historical nick nacks to items of great value, Prices 4 Antiques is a source for valuing information on items of importance or prominence. Values and item descriptions are generated from about 50 leading regional auction houses with notable repuations and specialists that generate in-person and over the phone bidder auction sales. Many of the item listings also refer to older or more recent comparable items sold at auction for spoting historical price trends.

The database is organized well, with the options of searching by drill down menu such as: 1) Category, 2)Origin, 3) Keywords, and 4) Year (meaning year of origination); and the ability to just to search exclusively by keyword.

Many of these auction houses have specialized sales in one area... On the P4A website, there is a listing of sales upcoming with auctions exclusively listing paintings, dolls, musical instruments, and numerous other areas. Some of the specialized auction sales in antiques may include, but are not limited to such areas as: art, clocks, dolls, furniture, glass works, toys, watches, paintings, and numerous other categories...

Bottom line, P4A is a highly searchable database of auction prices from reputable sellers and buyers using actual historical prices paid for antiques.

Steven S.