Thursday, December 07, 2006

Automobile Repair & Service - Do It At Home or Get A Pro.

Automobile Repair Reference Center DB can help guide you through automobile problems of when to fix it yourself and when to get a pro to do the job. This auto repair database is home-access available on with valid library card. The database contains information on majority of all automobiles made between 1940 to 2006 -- 07 models should be coming soon and are not available at the time of this post. Many of the broader topics included are, read on for more information:

Most Automobiles Have Subject Coverage In:
Repair procedures (mechanical and auto body)
Service bulletins and recalls
Labor cost estimations
Specifications or standards for a car
Maintenance intervals (exp. when to change a timing belt).

This database is rather user friendly. You may need to look at several screens before getting to the desired content, most navigation screens 'drill down' further into what your seeking. For example, to get the recommended manufactures mileage limit to change out a timing belt on a '97 Camry you will go through a series of drill down menus being:

Drill Down To Select An Automobile...
1. [year]
2. [manufacturer]
3. [make]
4. [model]
5. [engine size]
6. Topic Menu...

Be patient. It may take viewing a few web pages on the website before getting exactly what your looking for. The instructions can be lenghthy, but many of the sets of instructions will list tools you will need to do the job and in some cases how long it may take in the estimation section of the website to carry out a task. There may also be sets of instructions that apply to more than one specific model of a car. Depending on the task you have decided to take on there may also be pictures or diagrams that will help you complete the task in many cases.

If Auto Repair Reference Center database does not have what you are looking for, such as in-depth electrical diagrams or other automobile related content, it may be available in print form at many banches or at the Main Library using the OnDemand5 Mitchell's auto repair database.

Steven S.