Thursday, March 08, 2007

Novel Reading Advice?

Want a book about a veterinarian who meets an anti terrorist specialist and romance is involved during a dog race? Novelist, What Do I Read Next, and Books In Print - Fiction Connection are excellent products that provide suggestions of books for
titles to read based on subject, plot, genre, and other read-a-like titles. Wilson Catalogs will also be covered briefly, but this database primarily serves a different purpose. This article intends to cover the strengths and advantages of these four different databases available either with home access or in-library only.

Most of the databases have standardized search features in assisting finding great or similar books by: Author, Title, Read A Likes, Genre Search, Award Winners, and the (who, what, where and when) plot summaries. The breakdown is intended to provide the areas in which the database is different from alternatives.

(home access and in-library)
This resource is strong in the area of suggestion other related books by desired and required plot points. It builds upon numerous reviews sources such as: Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Library Journal, and other sources. The database has the ability to search for topics that are must have and desired for subject areas of interest. It is probably the highest ranking of the reader's advisory research databases in that search provide excellent on topic results and that it provides some book discussion guides on many titles in the database.

Books In Print - Fiction Connection Component
(In-Library Access Only)
The Fiction Connection portion of Books in Print covers recently added titles. The strength of this database is in the numbers. It also covers titles that are about ready to go into print, but are not available for delivery.

What Do I Read Next?
(Home Access and In-Library)
This databases builds upon a smaller set of books, but it is still useful with best sellers lists and additional reviews. It does not contain as many titles as Books-In-Print Fiction Connection or the Novelist product. It is a part of the DISCUS package in which the database is provided through the SC State Library

Wilson Catalogs
(Home Access and In-Library)
Best of the best recommendations for materials based on subjects or fiction a source for quality titles/reviews is the Wilson Catalogs database. It works well as a collection development tool. To select, keep, or weed a book based on the review and currency of a topic is what this resource provides. It is a key tool used in collection development.

Okay, so you may be curious as to what novel has a plot about a veterinarian who meets an anti terrorist specialist and romance is involved during a dog race? The answer is "On Thin Ice" by Cherry Adair. Bottom line, the two most frequently used research databases on for readers advisory are: Novelist and Books In Print - Fiction Connection component.