Monday, April 16, 2007

Literature Resource Center db - Dictionary of Literary Biography

Literature Resource Center has Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB) originally in print format only. This print source in online format still continues to provides clear, concise and well written author biographies in text only format. The same content found in the print volumes, with some exceptions detailed in this articles such as: author images, original manuscript examples, places or things instrumental in picture form to the development of authors profiled most of the time can be found elsewhere or when known -- going back to the print source.

There are so many numerous advantages of the electronic version in comparison to the pint. But, occasionally the print (DLB) has what the web version does not being:

1) Author Images – alternatives sources are in other research database or by doing generic images searches on the individual. Many times, doing a generic web image search on American Memory part of the Library of Congress, Google, Yahoo, may yield scholarly societies with such images online.

2) Manuscript image examples - many times scholarly societies will track original manuscripts. For example, the Joseph Conrad society maintains a list of locations for his original manuscripts where known.

3) Places of importance images - local historical societies, periodical searches, and reputable sources such as the Library of Congress may have place location pictures or images within desired time periods.