Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gale Virtual Reference Library - New E-Books

The Gale Virtual Reference Library database we have access to is now larger with additional titles in business and literature. The newly acquired e-books are reference volume sets on business planning and literature topics of dramas, novels, non-fiction, poetry, and short stories for students. The complete list of new reference e-book titles and other tidbits is available under the labels link of this blog post in Read more.

Many of these titles were only available in print at the Main Library or select regional branches. These new titles, acquired by CCPL, build upon the DISCUS provided e-book titles and are also searchable within the Thomson Gale PowerSearch database.

The newly acquired e-books with publication date range(s) are:

* Business Plans Handbook - 12 Volumes (1998 to 2007)

* Drama for Students - 6 Volumes (2003-2006),
* Nonfiction Classics for Students (2001),
* Novels for Students - 24 Volumes (1997-2007),
* Poetry for Students - 9 Volumes (2002-2007),
* Short Stories for Students - 24 Volumes (2002-2007).