Monday, May 07, 2007

Practice Tests, Tutorials & Career Ebooks: Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library provides a variety of academic and vocational tests and has tutorials. Preparation and practce tests for the GED, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and numerous others have long been in this database. Some of the practice tests also cover speciality areas such as advanced placement testing in a few disciplines. However, some of the newer content such as vocational testing, career guidance ebooks, and skills develompment tutorials covering English and math disciplines can get overlooked. Below the labels, click the read more link to contine.

There are some tutorials at different proficieny levels (grades 4 to 9+) such as: humanities subject areas of English grammar, reading, writing, comprehension; several areas in the math discipline being algebra, geometry, and statistics; and in the U S Citizenship Exam covering history and civics. Tutorials typically provide a page or two of content then followed up by questions on that content. Most tutorials are short and take about an hour or so to complete. Some subjects on the Choose a Subject page such as spelling can be in two or more Improvement groupings such as Reading Skills, Skills, and School Level.

When GED tests are offered, usually we have significant demand and print titles are not available at all branches. This is an excellent way to fill the gaps when you actually prefer the online version to the print and or when print titles are not available. The GED practice section covers subjects indvidually by language, reading, math, science, social studies, and writing.

College Entrance Exams
ACT, SAT, and TOEFFL (separate heading).

Advanced Placement Testing
Those who have had high school or general knowledge in a subject may choose to test out of a college class by taking a test. This databases provides some Adbanced placement testing in: biology, calculus, chemisty, English, and various government and history timespans.

Graduate School Entrance Tests
There are some graduate practice tests in: GMAT, GRE, MCAT, and LSAT.

The menu of tests available, can seem overwhelming or incomplete at times. Some of the vocational practice tests available are in: civil service, cosmetology, EMS, law enforcement, military, nursing, teaching, and real estate. Take for example the topic of Real Estate exam preparation. Real estate has a separate vocational subject heading. When looking at it, there are two listed tests one for broker and one for sales person. By clicking on either, an expanded list of tests for specific states appears. Fortunately, practices test for those intrested in a license for South Carolina appear within the expanded list. Some states have states specific tests for a vocation or career.

Bottom Line
Learning Express Library is an extremely convenient product for tutorials in select subjects, self tests in skills sets, entrance and placement practice exams, vocational testing (which include select ebook career guide titles) and the database also scores completed practice tests.