Thursday, May 03, 2007

Historic Digital Maps of SC (1860s to 1970's)

Digital Sanborn Maps are historic insurance maps of cities covering streets and various structures. There are over 80 places covered in the SC component over several periods in time. This database is available online at home with a library card and in-library access. The maps identify commerical sturctures with such details as wells, stabbles, factories (and select owner information). The maps illustrate some transitions communities make with additional factories, pipelines, railroads and heavy machinery added in a community out over time. Click the link below the labels to read more.

Some of the original Sanborn maps have color coding differentiation for commercial (sometimes showing ownership of identified facility) or residential buildings. Unfortunately, color print versions do not appear with color online. For the most part, this may not be an issue, but keep this in mind. The residential sections of these maps cover homes, garages, wells, stables, and other structures. Generally, each map is broken into several pages with the first page providing an index. Sometimes, there will be two volumes in a section. One example is the Charleston [Charleston Co] - 1902-April1944; maps - Volume 2 - Includes the North Charleston area, but is not mentioned in the menu when looking for map availability. As a side note, North Charleston did not become a city until June of 1972.

Points of Local Interest in Charleston County.
Charleston - May 1884, June 1888, 1902, 1902-April1944;1902-Feb 1951* New and Additional Sheets; Republished 1955
Moultreville - July 1893, Mar 1912, Oct 1924, Oct 1924-Feb 1938
Mount Pleasant - June 1893, Aug 1912, Sept 1924; Sept 1924-Feb 1938
North Charleston - (See select Charleston maps)