Monday, March 24, 2008

Novelist gets Enhancements

Fiction reading suggestions and recommendations database Novelist recently underwent some enhancements. The following list of updated features comes directly from the EBSCO website:

  • A single search bar at the homepage allows you to enter author, title, key word, descriptive word or series name.

  • You can also enter Boolean phrases and search tags.

  • Search results that not only retrieve all of the book titles that meet the criteria for the search you entered, but also retrieve a list of all of our feature content that meet the search criteria. All of the content at the Result List is tabbed so there is a tab for books, a tab for Author Read-alikes, a tab for Awards, a tab for Book Discussion Guides and so on.

  • An information rich homepage that puts all of our content right at your fingertips. You can browse to all of your favorite feature content (BookTalks, Recommended Reads reading lists, Author Read-alikes and more).

  • A completely revamped Readers' Advisory section on the NoveList homepage, which includes professional resources for you, as an individual, and for the staff at your library to improve RA skills.

  • Expanded Result Lists that include book jacket images, links to feature content, a link to your library's catalog and more. We know that when you are busy, you want as much data at the search results page as possible. However, our book record is as robust as ever with links to related authors, related content and reviews.