Sunday, April 27, 2008

Springshare makes Database Content Interesting Again

Few people like to search for information, whereas most people just want to find and use. Yesterday, while working in the our call center, I stumbled upon reading a Computers in Library 2008 Conference blog post on for a Springshare product called LibGuides and found myself impressed with Temple University's Web Guides use of the product.

LibGuides has the 'human element' with patron tagging, comments, clearly identified online help buttons with IM or email, and each page has a peronality with each editor profiled and such a good job of making the page look 'friendly' and easy to use. Libguides, seems to clearly present and differentiate sources by kind and subject by standard templates when implemented well without adding to much chaos, confusions, and complexity of the SIRSI rooms product in just comparing a few SIRSI Rooms Sites linked at the Memphis Public Library blog here, here, and here. Bottom line, the Libguides product seems substantially better at providing online user content guides for patrons.