Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stopping the SPAM in MS Outlook Web Access

Okay, I have had it. Ever since my first email account, way back in '89 or '90 with WNIN free local bulletin board service or B.B.S (with a Bitnet email address), I have been comfortable dealing with SPAM as just a fact of life. Well, my need of a shorter attention span, and less of a tolerance for spam is building up as lately I have been focusing on working with efficiency. Finally, I took time to read a help screen and learned something: how to block domains and specific email addresses in MS Outlook Web Access. I tested out the domain block on Yahoo and promptly blocked an email from myself. My personal email Yahoo email address got the: your email has been rejected by Steven Schwengel. Hopefully, I did not on accident reject legitimate email from Yahoo! users who sent me an email -- sorry honey (my Fiance got it too).

Step 1. Login and select [Goto Options]
Step 2. Under Privacy and Junk E-mail Prevention, select the Filter Junk E-mail check box.
Step 3. Select Manage Junk E-mail Lists
Step 4. The Manage Junk Email Lists selection of block senders can include addresses or domains like
Step 5. Click Add to enter in an address to block.
Step 6. Enter in domain name or email address to block.
Step 7. Click [OK] and then [Save and Close] to retain.