Saturday, September 13, 2008

Book Review: Punching In...

Puching In: the Unauthorized Adventures of a Front-Line Employee by Alex Frankel is a great read. His stories as a customer and employee at Starbucks, Enterprise Car Rental, UPS, Gap and an Apple Store were rather informative as to how people are molded to fit corporate culture/image yet retain some individualism. The nature of who an individual is and how they fit based on character traits (sometimes widely different, but yet unified in delivering good customer service) into a business culture/image was informative.

His chapter on working at an Apple Store was the most useful to me. While getting training at Apple he covers a sales techniques of positioning, permission (asking customer to reveal needs) and probing (asking for more info to ensure satisfaction) in the sales process, but most importantly getting to know the customer's needs and then selling. Overall, this is a great book with a fresh perspective of working customer service jobs.