Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Powerless Camp a Library Conference Proposal

Library conferences are expensive, but worth it like the Summer American Library Association Conference or the less expensive SCLA Conference. I have not been to either in some time, but that is another story... The mix of a new proposed library based PowerlessCamp has me interested and curious. A library conference in the forest without electricity seems inspiring to me. No PowerPoint, no laptops (literally bring it and get it thrown into the fire one persons teases), no overheads, no dazling vendor exhibition halls filled with glitz but an unpluged library conference in the heart of nature covering technology with a fresh perspective and the opportunity to learn and share tech ideas... Various folks have posts on the Code4Lib listserve as I initially found out about it from Roy Tennant's blog. A website has already been setup exploring the idea at PowerlessCamp.org.