Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Profiling Business and Company Resource Center

Business and Company Resource Center (BCRC), is deceptively full of little goodies and golden nuggets of business information. The accompanying screen shot of this blog post is to a snip-it view of the balance sheet of Blackbaud's financial year end of 12/31/2008. The resource contains publicly traded domestic and foreign companies with their line item balance sheet, income, and cash flow statements along with ratios. The dashboard sections contains the ability to compare various companies in a list side-by-side view for line by line comparisons.

Digging deeper, you can find mutual fund listings, commodity prices, bank rates, and other goodies as well in (BCRC). At this time, there is not an easy way to get to the financial dashboard section, but typically doing a public company name search and then looking for the financial data tabs this will do the trick. There is a weakness in currency of industry overviews, but in some fields that is not crucial to get the most recent industry data.

Historic stock prices in (BCRC), typically go back to 2001 which is good, but not back as far as Mergent or even as far as Yahoo Finance that goes all the way to the 1970s on certain companies. Overall, Business and Company Resource Center is a great source to take a look at and use just to see what is in the database if you have not looked business information in while.