Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Career/Job Finding Process Ebooks

Learning Express Library has a collection of ebooks covering career starter guides and the job finding process. A May 2007 Charlestonref blog post also provides a general product overview. There is a registration process after logging in initially; and this is so you can stop a test or activity and then pick it back up where you left off at a later point in time. Instructions for how to access the product and create a login are listed on the website for in library and home access use.

Once you have logged into the product, to access ebooks within the resource scroll down to the bottom portion of the screen. Keep in mind that you may need to scroll down on the page depending upon screen size. You will need to look for and select the link with an illustrated arrow pointing to: Ebooks: Browse our complete listing of ebooks. Once you have have clicked on the link, a search dialog box appears for entering your topical terms of interest. What follows are a sample of many of the ebooks within the resource tool.

Select Career Starter Ebooks:
Firefighter Administrative/Executive Assistant Career Starter, 2e, Computer Technician Career Starter, Cosmetology Career Starter, 2e, Cosmetology Licensing Exam, 2e, Culinary Arts Career Starter, Early Childhood/Teacher Career Starter,Hotel/Restaurant Career Starter, Paralegal Career Starter, 2e, Pharmacy Technician Career Starter, Practical Solutions to Everyday Work Problems, Teacher Career Starter, 2e, The Complete Professional, Visual Communication, Webmaster Career Starter, 2e, and others...

Select Job Finding Process Ebooks:
Goof Proof Interview, Goof Proof Resumes & Cover Letters, Great Interview, Great Resume, Job Interviews that Get You Hired, Resumes that Get You Hired, Search Smart and Get Ahead,Your Career, and others...