Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gale Databases get Enhanced Searching

Every so often, Gale comes out with some interesting search capabilities. This next update to Infotrac database this Summer will be a big feature leap forward. The latest set of upcoming search features will add RSS feeds, spelling, enhanced citation features (which hopefully will address some of the concerns that have been expressed in a previous citation features blog post on this blog) and some others. To read more about and find out about additional new features click on the Read More link below the labels.

Content From Gale's June 22nd Press Release:
Take Information Seeking to a New Level with PowerSearch Plus!

  • Search Alerts with RSS export: Set up instant search alerts and journal alerts, with the added ability to create RSS feeds of InfoTrac content.

  • Federated Search Results: Provide access to all your library’s databases and catalogs through PowerSearch. This collaboration with Groxis, a leading federated search company, will allow simultaneous access to other databases, including public Web sources and provide clustered results, all from one intuitive interface.

  • Visual Search: A unique visual map provides a topical landscape of the search results, allowing users an alternate way to explore large sets of content and discover connections amongst them, all within a single page.

  • Did You Mean? When a search fails to bring desired results, you’ll be given alternate spellings and more preferred search terms to find appropriate results.

  • Search Within Results: Dynamically refine search results to pinpoint specific information by adding or excluding more terms to queries.
    Enhanced Limiting: After a search is completed, the left sidebar will be repurposed to provide users with the option of selecting subject terms, subdivisions, article types and publications to allow further limiting of results.

  • Enhanced Navigation: Based on feedback, changes have been made to improve the interface navigation, including the creation of document tools (print, email, cite, download, translate) that appear in a visible box on each document. Enhanced Tabs: The number of results now will appear on each tab, and color variation will be added to the tabs to signify more content behind the other tabs.

  • Enhanced Bookmarks: Direct access to individual documents, searches and collections of documents will be made available through PowerSearch Bookmarks, which are clearly visible, easy to use, and always persistent.

  • Improved “How-to-Cite” Functionality: MLA and APA formats for citations will be provided, with accurate elements, correct spacing and formatting.
    Publication Details: More information about each publication will be provided, including embargo periods, publisher address and contact information, and publication descriptions.

  • Also, if you are interested in some searching minutae of the Infotrac databases, that during a recent webinar provided by Gale the possiblity of the Index of many of these database may become available for browsing. This, if I understood the presenter correctly, would be akin browsing subject heading in Ibistro for content and groupings.