Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thomson Gale PowerSearch Platform Update Coming...

The Thomson Gale PowerSearch platform, on the week of Aug 13th, is scheduled for a major update. With the update, some of the enhanced features should include: “Did you mean… ?” for spelling similar to Google; email or RSS (really simple syndication) feeds for new content in database, ability to visualize in patterns grouped results (see later part of this post) and so many others will be added (earlier post features). For additional links and information about the changes, click the link below the tags label being Read More. Update: 8/15/07 Part of the new features are now available on this database. Visual search is not yet an option as far as I can tell today.

Bottom Line, spend a few minutes and get to know the scheduled new features to the Thomson Gale PowerSearch database as you will probably find this information beneficial.

PowerPoint Overview (Pictured Above 4-6 Minutes to read)

Summary of DB Enhancements (1 Page)

Product Website (Detailed)

Visual Search Results (1 sample search results page below link)